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Oil Records

George Percy

Consultant // Sound Designer // Musician // Producer


George Percy - Director/Artist

George Percy, is an active artist, composer, business consultant, sound designer and producer. Through his Art House label 'Oil Records' George spans the realm of popular music through rock, dance, art-pop, contemporary classical and electronic. 

He is a BA First Class Honours graduate of the acclaimed Commercial Music course at the University of Westminster which followed his Distinction on the left-field 'Artist Development' course from British Academy of New Music. 

George has and continues to work with such companies and projects as Nonclassical, Christopher Brett Bailey, Alicia Jane Turner, SlimDali, Lucas Von, Lady Vendredi, This is How We Die, Andy Field, Made in China, Live Art Development Agency and This Machine Won't Kill Fascists, to bring an idiosyncratic aesthetic across multiple mediums.




Former Label and Artist Development Manager

- Worked and A&R'd with artists such as 'Gabriel Prokofiev', 'Klavikon', ''Tansy Davies' and 'Langham Research Centre'

- Oversaw contract write-ups and intellectual property matters

- Designed, developed and executed new artist development scheme

- Turned around loss making company to break even in 12 months

- Restructured Record Label organization

- Conducted accounting investigation for the previous 12 years 

- Oversaw and lead multiple international licensing agreements


by Christopher Brett Bailey

Autumn/Winter 2016

A neo-noir fever dream and a 120 decibel suicide note. a gleeful howl from the armpits of hell, a nocturnal meditation crooned into the swollen abyss, a warped collision of haunting musics and ear-popping noise. a sumptuous, cinematic melting pot of psycho-acoustic trickery, futurist soundscaping and dark psychedelia.

Recommended for those with an aural fixation. no kids. no dogs.

rated R. 100 mins. colour, 3D.

“a hallucinatory journey of dark intensity… total, immersive sensory experience; behind me, a girl laments that she’s not taken any ketamine, a comment one rarely hears in the stalls…” – what’s onstage ★★★★

“if this is what hell is like it’s fucking glorious… the overall effect is one of epic, soul shaking community… work designed to push the senses to their extremes.” – the plays the thing uk

“left most astonished at the miraculous musical onslaught…enthralling in minimalism, heavy metal, prepared piano corpses and synthesised bliss.” – the sprout ★★★★★

“insanely and dangerously loud… obnoxious and totally irrelevant… it gives you one hell of a headache.” – a younger theatre

writer / performer: christopher brett bailey, dramaturg: anne rieger, composer-musicians: alicia jane turner, george percy and christopher brett bailey, lighting design: lee curran, sound design: george percy and christopher brett bailey, production manager: helen mugridge, producer: beckie darlington, poster image: nathan hoste

BREATHE (Everything is going to be okay)

by Alcia Jane Turner

Autumn/Winter 2016

Part of the SPILL Festival National Platform

Breathe (Everything Is Going To Be Okay) is a full body immersion of soaring strings and spiralling sound in a daringly vulnerable solo performance about the relationship between our bodies and minds. Blending visceral music with intimate confessions, Breathe is an unflinchingly honest examination of how we find the strength to keep going, and why.

 Sound Design: George Percy

Lighting Design: Alex Fernandes

Image by Jamie Brett


by Xavier De Sousa

Autumn/Winter 2016

There is a word in Portuguese that signifies a need for constant need for completeness, for wholeness: ‘saudade’. Untranslatable, the word alludes to living in a constant state of longing for what is now gone, a desire for presence as opposed to absence.


We live in an ever shifting political and geographical landscape. As a generation that grew up into an open-doors Europe and the advances of the internet, we have been accustomed to travel, exchange, engage with and collaborate with people with different nationalities from us. The freedom of movement has allowed us to expand our knowledge of what ‘place’ and ‘borders’ mean. 

Post is an exploration of what it means to be a migrant, of constantly inhabiting a ‘national limbo’ and failing to be adhering to border and identity-defining norms.

"Post is grounded and real, interactive and dynamic" - The Upcoming ★★★★

'POST succeeds in generating an environment that brings people together and invites them to share in a culture' - The Exeunt

 Conceived & Performed by Xavier de Sousa

Sound Design: George Percy

TONIGHT! (I'm going to be the new me)

by Made In China

Sound Designer in the critically acclaimed 'Tonight I'm Going To Be The New Me' by Made in China. 

★★★★ The Times // 'compact and tantalisingly edgy'

★★★★ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian // "This is slippery and teasing, murderously entertaining and very, very uncomfortable to watch. Just as it is supposed to be. Because love is always a bit of a performance."

★★★★ Time Out // 'a brutal, alarmingly honest takedown of modern relationships'

★★★★ Whats On Stage // ‘skewers every male-authored female character'

★★★★ The Stage  // 'beautiful, as captivating as love, but spiked’ .


by Christopher Brett Bailey

Sound Designer, Composer and Perfomer in the internationally acclaimed 'This is How We Die'

a motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling. tales of paranoia, young love and ultra-violence… from the desk of christopher brett bailey comes a spiraling odyssey of pitch-black humour and nightmarish prose. THIS IS HOW WE DIE is a prime slice of surrealist trash, an Americana death trip and a dizzying exorcism for a world convinced it is dying…

The Guardian ★★★★ The Times ★★★★   

Exeunt ★★★★★ The Scotsman ★★★★   

TimeOut ★★★★ The Stage ★★★★

 “dirty and bloody and totally fucking exhilarating… Theatre you feel in your gut and on your skin.” – Catherine Love

“a visceral, world-burning piece …a brutal, vital, incredible show.” – Total Theatre

 Winner of the Arches Brick Award 2014

Winner of an West End Theatre Awards (Offies) in category of TBC Award (for productions that defy traditional categorisation) 2015

Written and Performed by Christopher Brett Bailey

Dramaturg: Anne Rieger

Musicians: George Percy, Alicia Jane Turner & Apollo

Lighting Design by Sherry Coenen

Produced by Beckie Darlington

Poster Image by Julian Martinez Milla


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Pop powerhouse and right hand of the elusive Oil Records music collective, SlimDali is iconoclastic and eccentric; not just multi-dimensional but extra-dimensional. Straddling the line between art and pop and never inhabiting reality quite as we know it, SlimDali’s surreal and danceable music is reminiscent of Talking Heads, Japan, Metronomy and the Human League.

'A fascinating manifesto – with considerable promise' - Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

'Creative, original, entertaining and sexy' - Ambinu

'SlimDali is clearly looking to break new, exciting, creative & rhythmic-ground in music' - Sleepingbag Studios



THIS MACHINE WON’T KILL FASCISTS BUT IT MIGHT GET YOU LAID is a series of compositions for and about the electric guitar. Extreme and exploratory, THIS MACHINE is equal parts punk rock and modern classical. Klanging metallic textures, insistent overtones and grinding repetitions performed in sharp suits, at maximum volume.

“bailey’s guitar symphony… with a name like that it would be brilliant even if it wasn’t. but it is, so there” – drowned in sound

“heroic” – les bicknell

‘the most fun I’ve had having my ears burnt since Swans’ – Andy Field